Work Permit

In this day and age, globalization of industries has become apparent for multi-national corporations to establish their presence in different parts of the world.  Same is true with local corporate entities where foreign employees are hired to meet the demands of the business operations. 

We, at Legal Unit Co., Ltd., provide a wide range of immigration services and our competent lawyers and staff can guide our clients toward visa, immigration and work permit requirements for foreign expatriates working in Thailand.  Our services suit each client’s specific needs.

It is a common scenario in Thailand that in any corporate structure registered under Thai law,  foreigners are seen and are actively involved in these companies either as  directors or hired employees.  Where directors of the company who have signing authority over the company as listed in the director’s list as per the Business Department’s database, or a hired employee is a foreigner, they are required to have work permits. For your company to sponsor one non-immigrant B visa and work permit for its foreign director or employee, regardless of its shareholding, it should meet the following requirements:

  1. At least 2,000,000 baht capital fully paid-up (or 3,000,000 baht fully paid-up if it is a foreign-owned company operating restricted businesses) as per the registered capital reflected in the records of the Department of Business Development (DBD);
  2. The company should have filed monthly VAT returns with the Revenue Department;
  3. Paid Social Security fees and Employee Withholding Tax for four Thai employees for at least three months or where the business has just been set up, at least two Thai staff and at least 1 months’ worth of documentary filings. These employees will not include the directors or investors.
  4. Audited financial statements of the company if already available.

We will be able to assist in the preparation and compilation of documents to be attached which are to be provided by the company supporting your work permit application.  The processes involved the Immigration Department, for the Non-B visa, and the Labor Department for the application and issuance of a valid work permit.