Other Commercial Services

Notarial Services

Practically, most of our legal transactions with relevant government offices, locally or abroad, notarized documents for them to valid, accepted and recognized.  Legal Unit has understood this specific requirement for notarial services and caters to your need for notarization and legalization of pertinent documents.  Our notarial services include the following:

  1. Passport/ID certification as proof of identity
  2.  Certification and attestation of documents duly signed by a party
  3. Certification of government-issued documents
  4. Signing witness to a document

Most common documents which require notarization are:

  1. Passport/ID card
  2. Education certificates, i.e degree certificates, diplomas and relevant training certificates
  3. Civil status certificates, i.e. birth, marriage, divorce certificates
  4. Commercial contracts
  5. Power of Attorney
  6. Commercial documents
  7. Property documents

Drafting of Power of Attorney (POA)

Our firm offers a complete service of drafting and notarization of a Power of Attorney.  Before anyone could specifically assign an attorney-in-fact to perform actions on his behalf, it is a key element to know who can draft a POA under Thai law.

A power of attorney (POA) allows a person (principal) to appoint another (attorney-in-fact or agent) to do specific acts on the principal’s behalf.  The power of attorney clearly states the actions in which the attorney-in-fact would manage the principal’s affairs.

To execute a power of attorney under Thai law, it is a requirement that the principal as well as the agent is of legal capacity upon the execution of the document.  In Thailand, the power of attorney executed can either be for a specific period (short-term) for specific transactions or can last until the principal is incapacitated to act.

Contract Drafting and Review

A contract, by definition, is an agreement between one or more parties which creates legal rights and obligations between the contracting parties.  In drafting any agreement, it is vital that the terms thereof are in compliance with the Thai Civil and Commercial Code and other relevant acts and regulations.

Drafting contracts in Thailand has varied objects such as Sale and Purchase agreements, whether in company mergers and acquisitions or shares purchase, purchase of properties and other commercial contracts.  It also involves compromise agreements in litigation cases or to pre-nuptial agreements or divorce agreements on family matters.

Legal Unit’s contract-related services help you ensure that you are specifically aware of your rights and obligations before entering into any type of agreement.

Our team of dynamic, highly-skilled and proactive lawyers are ready to serve you with our other commercial services which best suit your professional needs and daily transactions.