Litigation of Criminal Cases in Thailand Jurisdiction

Criminal Cases in Thailand litigation under Thai law is brought before a court which has jurisdiction over the case.  The proceedings of the trial up to the judgment shall be rendered before a judge.  Jury system does not apply in Thailand.

The context of criminal law in Thailand is very similar to other jurisdictions.  The quantum of proof in order to convict the accused in a criminal case is proof beyond reasonable doubt.  In such a case, conviction must be supported with certainty of evidence that the accused had committed the offence charged.

In the trial of criminal cases, before judgment can be made final and executory, Thailand likewise adopted the hierarchy of courts.  The case is first filed before the Court of First Instance.  Judgment from the first-level courts are appealable to the Court of Appeals.  Appellants can take the case up the Supreme Court, known as the Court of Last Resort, for judgments/resolutions rendered by the lower courts.

Thailand, being a popular destinations of foreigners

It is a common scenario that foreigners, either visiting or permanently staying in Thailand, get caught up in legal battles for knowingly or unknowingly violating the provisions of the Penal Code of Thailand.    In our everyday dealings and interactions, it cannot be helped that we are faced with misunderstandings and altercations which, most often than not, would yield an actionable cause.  Most common criminal cases involving locals and foreigners alike are, drugs and narcotics offences, fraud, embezzlement of funds, money laundering.  Others will also get involved in child abduction, white slavery, imprudence and negligence.  Similar criminal complaints likewise filed are immigration cases such as overstaying and immigration blacklisting and extradition proceedings.

If you or one of friends/acquaintances are involved in those enumerated legal issues or criminal charges or you would like to file a criminal case to an offender in Thailand, it is recommended that you need to consult a lawyer and seek help.  It is important that you know your rights whether you are a plaintiff or the accused.    It is advisable for litigants to put their trust on their lawyers so they can be properly represented and defended.

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