Commercial Legal Services

Conducting business in foreign countries is always challenging. If you can make it right from the beginning, with a good foundation, your business will be able to grow confidentially. On the other hand, if your business is already on its way but slow down due to some roadblocks, please do remember that problems are there to be solved (of course, it will be much easier with a professional help).
At legal Unit, we have a team having firsthand experiences on conducting multi-national businesses. We can assist setting up a company in Thailand as well as providing one-stop station for everything you need to run company legally such as notarial services, renting or owning properties, work permit, accounting and taxes.
Capital and investment are also important aspects we are specialized at. Other than classic method of increasing capital from a shareholder, Legal Unit can help you look into many available methods that suit your business.
With our experience team of lawyer communicating fully in English and our expertise on business legal services, Legal Unit is confident that we can provide any services you need to do business in Thailand.
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