Accounting and Tax

Legal Unit has a team of tax lawyers and accountants who handle both short-term and long-term accounting and taxation jobs.   Our firm offers accurate and complete accounting services to cater to the needs of corporate entities doing business in Thailand data for the management/shareholder to utilize their effectiveness and management for their business activities as well as their long-term goals.

We are a qualified accounting service team duly registered with the Thai authorities having professional experiences in accounting and auditing. Our vision is to offer quality services, customer satisfaction and timely submission of tax requirements so that the companies can be free of the burden on accounting and taxation.

Our tax and accounting services include:

  1. Test and set up internal control system for actual implementation;
  2. Provide accounting service and tax planning;
  3. Provide auditing service in compliance with Ministry of Commerce, Revenue Department filings;
  4. Inventory and management;
  5. Tax and accounting consultancy service;
  6. Special audit as requested by client companies;
  7. Documentation of company business documents as documentary requirement at Ministry of Commerce, Revenue Department, Ministry of Labor and Immigration Office.

Four your tax and accounting needs, please contact any of our tax lawyer or accountant so we can assist you in the very complex area of tax and accounting.